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Horizon3 Node Zero Pen Test free trial

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Horizon3 Node Zero Pen Test free trial by Horizon3

Horizon3.ai™ helps you find and fix attack vectors before attackers can exploit them. We enable organizations to continuously assess the security posture of their enterprise, including external, identity, on-prem, IoT, and cloud attack surfaces.

NodeZero is a true self-service SaaS offering that is safe to run in production and requires no persistent or credentialed agents. You will see your enterprise through the eyes of the attacker, identify your ineffective security controls, and ensure your limited resources are spent fixing problems that can actually be exploited.

There are 2 types of security problems: issues that require you skip lunch and cancel plans with your family to fix, and everything else that gets added to your backlog of work. With NodeZero, we identify “Critical Impacts” that must be urgently fixed, or you’ll become the next news headline.

Attackers chain together misconfigurations + harvested credentials + vulnerabilities + dangerous product defaults into attack vectors. NodeZero helps you understand the attack vectors that lead to a critical impact, so you know exactly what to fix in order to disrupt the kill chain.

NodeZero is designed to be safe to run in production. Define the scope of the operation – IP ranges it should stay within, IP ranges it should avoid – or let it intelligently identify the scope for you. You also have the ability to enable or disable specific attacks, if you want to be extra cautious.

Horizon3 Node Zero Pen Test free trial
February / 2022