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KnowBe4 is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and the fastest-growing vendor in the security awareness training and simulated phishing space. They help you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering. The KnowBe4 platform is user-friendly and intuitive. It was built to scale for busy IT pros that have 16 other fires to put out. Their goal is to provide the most powerful, yet easy-to-use platform available. KnowBe4's Enterprise Awareness Training Program provides you with a comprehensive new- school approach that integrates baseline testing using mock attacks, engaging interactive web-based training, and continuous assessment through simulated phishing, vishing and smishing attacks to build a more resilient and secure organization. Different size organizations cope with different problems, but all have employees as the weak link in their IT security. The challenges of creating and running an awareness program vary depending on the amount of employees. Customers of all sizes can get the KnowBe4 platform deployed into production twice as fast as competitors. The Customer Success team gets you going in no time, without the need for consulting hours. Be sure to test your users and your network with KnowBe4's free IT Security tools which help you to identify the problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks!