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Carbon Black

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Endpoint security is going through a massive transformation. Growing trends in mobility and cloud have made the endpoint the new perimeter. New and emerging attacks are beating traditional defenses, and security teams are too reactive and held back by their technologies. The next generation of endpoint security is built to predict and prevent a far greater range of threats than the traditional approach. Carbon Black is leveraging the power of big data and analytics to solve the challenges surrounding endpoint security. With the Cb Predictive Security Cloud platform, Carbon Black is transforming cybersecurity to deliver a new generation of cloud-delivered security solutions designed to protect against the most advanced threats. Over the years Carbon Black has become one of the endpoint partners of choice when it comes to integrating and sharing data with SOC automation, incident management, and IT operations solutions. Their vast community of developers shares and actively collaborates on their work, reducing the cost of any organization desiring a more automated, interconnected security stack. Incident response is about getting answers quickly. To start, you need the details of all endpoint activity available to you at all times. This allows your responders to visualize the attack, see it evolve, and determine the root cause of an infiltration and its intended targets. With complete visibility from Carbon Black, you'll always have conclusive answers to the questions you're asking.