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Deep Instinct Powered by Deep Learning

Deep Instinct is the only cybersecurity company leveraging a deep learning-based neural network that autonomously learns and dynamically improves as it’s fed more data. Deep learning is the most advanced form of AI, inspired by the brain’s ability to think and learn over time. Our vast neural network has been trained for more than five years on hundreds of millions of files to autonomously prevent threats. Deep Learning differs from basic machine learning in several critical ways: Basic machine learning requires a human domain expert, making it slow and prone to error, and is only trained on 2% of available data. Deep learning trains on 100% of available raw data and can make non-linear correlations of the data automatically. With deep learning-based neural networks specifically architected for cybersecurity, decisions are made faster, more accurately, and with much greater efficacy. A deep learning model is self-sufficient and does not require frequent cloud updates or constant human intervention. Ultimately, deep learning is what will enable organizations to make prevention a reality, predicting and stopping threats before they execute and compromise your environment.

Product Differentiators:

Integrates with existing security solutions to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and focus on what really matters – stopping attacks.
Reduces burden on security teams to sift through false positives
Improves threat hunting capabilities with high-fidelity alerts and suspicious activity rating

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform stops known, unknown, and zero-day threats with the highest accuracy and lowest false-positive rate in the industry. For your organization, this means reduced risk, greater SOC efficiency, and the knowledge that attackers have lost their advantage. With >99% known, unknown, and zero-day threat accuracy, a guaranteed <0.1% false positive rate, plus a $3M ransomware warranty backed by Munich Re, the Deep Instinct Prevention Platform meets the promise of true prevention.

Deep Instinct prevents threats prior to execution, unlike detection and response solutions that look for behaviors after the attacker has already installed droppers and artifacts on your network. Deep Instinct’s Prevention Platform reduces the risk of a breach by meeting the attackers earlier and stopping threats 750x faster than the fastest known ransomware can begin to encrypt.

Deep Instinct prevents attacks at the endpoint with end-to-end static and multi-layered dynamic analysis. To meet the attacker even earlier, Deep Instinct also prevents malware beyond the endpoint by scanning the in-transit files of your custom applications and workflows, as well as local, private, and public cloud storage and web gateways to prevent the upload or download of malicious files while ensuring the integrity of your environment.