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Data And User

With a few exceptions of attacks on ICS devices, attackers are after your data and your users as a conduit to that data. Whether it be your intellectual property, financial records, classified information or personally identifiable information ( PII ) about your customers and your people, attackers are looking to steal that data from you. Just the email addresses of all your employees or members can be sold on the dark web to give others a venue of attack.

Unico Technology partners help you by protecting your data and your people at every step from the border to the person at the keyboard. Firewalls block known and unknown attacks based on the activites of the attacker, not just on having seen the attack before. Network monitors look for anomolous traffic and behaviors deviating from normal business to flag nefarious activities. Endpoint protection is no longer your grandfather's Antivirus tool. Today's endpoint protection solutions look for viruses but also activities that indicate a compromise. These solutions work together for your security and to keep you out of tomorrow's headlines.